Iron Weasel is a Rock Band which formed in the 1980's.. The group currently consists of Derek Jupiter (Vocals), Ash Tyler (Drums), Burger Pitt (Bass Guitar), and Tripp Campbell (Lead Guitar). Vic Blaylock was originally the band's manager, but later quit after the band's frequent arguing. Tripp Campbell joined the band in 2009, and they are currently working on making a comeback.



  • The Band was originally a Four-Piece until Bleed left the band.
  • Was later a Three-Piece, consisting of Derek, Burger, and Ash.
  • Once again became a Four-Piece once Tripp joined.
  • Was shortly a Five-Piece, consisting of the four original members and Tripp.
  • Went back to a Four-Piece after Tripp beat Bleed in a guitar duel.
  • Originally called My Dogs Butt.
  • Nobody Wanted to know what My Dogs Butt was releasing so they changed the name to Derek Jupiter and the Other Guys.
  • As Derek said, the other guys got "selfish" and so they changed the name to Iron Weasel, which is the current name.